DataRecovery FAQ

"Invalid parameter" error! when scanning

Run it as a administrator, DataRecovery needs administrator privilege.

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" runtime error! when scanning

Download debug version. If it's also shitty, then download and try old version.

"CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check)" error! when scanning

Something is wrong with your drive. Run "CHKDSK /F" to check for hard drive corruption.

Can not find the deleted file on the list even just after the deletion!

On NTFS volume, files deleted through recycle bin would be on the list in RECYCLER folder with different names. Still you can find the file by the size and file extension.
In addition, make sure Norton UnErase is not installed because it keeps DataRecovery from scanning deleted files.

Can not open recovered image files!

Format of the image file is probably corrupted because some part of the file is already overwritten on recovery. Use another tool for recovery of image format.

Content of recovered text file is totally a mess!

Probably the file content has already been overwritten before recovery. Forget it.

Wiped files on the list again!

On system drive, background maintemance tasks of OS are making and deleting many temporary files. So you can not empty the list even after the whole files wiping, which is not recommended either.
You had better wipe only the files you have surely made and deleted, in other words you should exactly know the file you are wiping.

Freeze or abnormal termination! when full-scanning

Fixed in the version 2.4.2. For those who are still stuck in the problem all the same, mail to TOKIWA.

Can not scan network drives!

Sorry. DataRecovery does not support network drive.

How about recovering large files?

If the size is up to 4G, it is possible.

Want to recover files in accidentally formatted partition

If it was quick scan you did, you may find the file by full scanning.
But if it was normal format, forget it. The file is gone already.

Want to recover files in accidentally deleted partition

Use PartitionRecovery.

Absolutely not recoverable? once file is wiped

DataRecovery writes null to the disk when wiping files. But on NTFS volume, it wipes only file entries with data area intact in order not to overwrite existing files. Therefore wiped files is recoverable with some other excellent tools on NTFS volume.