DataRecovery version 2.4.7

In order Not to overwrite the original file data, we recommend to download it in the other drive than the drive where the files you want to recover exist. If you get "Runtime Error" when scanning drive, please try "debug version".

debug version

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All About

DataRecovery is freeware and made by TOKIWA
to undelete accidentally deleted files even from recycle bin.

But DataRecovery doesn't assure that all files deleted can be recovered successfully.
It mostly depends on your system/configuration and we can't support each of all those varieties.

Compatible operating systems


How to use

You can understand it intuitively through simple UI. So there is no need for instructions. Also you can update DataRecovery to new version if available through Version info of system menu.



File Attributes


Open Source

I hope there is someone who is willing to make it still better with this.


Any donation would help us go on making good freeware!


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